Cancelling a Course or a Semester


The deadline to cancel your winter 2021 semester is:

  • with reimbursement (excluding registration fees): January 22nd, 2021
  • Without reimbursement but avoiding a failing grade: February 14th 2021

The deadline to cancel a course is:

  • Avoiding a failing grade:  February 12th 2020 at 4:00 pm


How do I cancel my registration for a course?

Before cancelling a course, discuss the issue with your teacher. If you still want to cancel it, you must schedule an appointment with your academic advisor (API) before the cancellation deadline. To do this, use the appointment module (Centre de rendez-vous) on your portal.

IMPORTANT: During the period when schedules are being distributed, you must first download your schedule online in order to make an appointment with your advisor.


  • If your course is a corequisite for another course, your decision to cancel this course could obligate you to cancel the other course.
  • Summer courses and some intensive physical education courses have different cancelation deadlines; see the booklet of course descriptions.
  • Any course that is cancelled after the deadline will result in a failing mark on your academic record.


How do I cancel my registration for one session?

To cancel your registration for a session, you must complete the cancellation form which you can find in your portal with the online forms under the heading Formulaire en ligne, located on the right sidebar. Check the dates in the box below to find out whether or not you are eligible for a refund. Be aware that the Cégep retains the registration fee ($20) and voluntary contributions.


What is the difference between cancelling and not attending courses?

Absences recorded as part of academic attendance by Omnivox Online Services are not the same as officially cancelling a course. If you do not cancel a course, you will receive a mark on your academic record that represents the number of points you accumulated during the session.

The cancellation of a course or session by the deadline mentioned below is important because it allows you to officially remove the course(s) that you wish to cancel and prevents you from having a failure indicated on your record.


What happens to my academic status if I cancel one or more courses?

If you cancel one or more of your courses, your academic status could change. If you become a part-time student, you will be charged tuition fees of $2 per course hour. Students are considered part-time if they are enrolled for fewer than 4 courses in their program or have fewer than 180 course hours per semester.