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Student Status

Full Time
Students who are enrolled in at least four courses of a college program or in courses that total a minimum of 180 hours per session are considered full time. These students are entitled to free education (they are exempt from tuition fees). Only the courses that comprise the student’s program, remedial or upgrading courses and university orientation courses recognized by the Ministry are taken into account to establish a student’s status.

Part Time
Students who are not taking a sufficient number of courses to be considered full time are considered part-time. Visit the section Fees and charges to know the fees for a part time student.

End of DEC
To obtain the status “End of DEC” with free education, students must meet the following conditions:

  1. Have a maximum of three courses remaining in order to complete the program
  2. Have been a full time student during one of the preceding two session

Students can receive “End of DEC” status just once for the same program of study.