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Health and Safety

Everyone is responsible for the prevention of accidents. It is essential to obey the general safety rules as well as those applying to protective clothing, safety glasses and footwear (work boots are not acceptable), tools and equipment.

    • When using machinery, students must wear the protective clothing made available and respect the instructions in the pictograms and the posters.
    • It is forbidden to wear contact lenses in the welding shop as well as when handling chemical products.
    • Only appropriate clothing is allowed in the welding workshop in order to limit the risks of burns.
    • Those people who suffer from food allergies must, at all times, have on them the necessary medication in case of emergency.


Students who participate in any training, maintenance or manufacturing activity in the hangars or workshops, must, at all times, wear safety shoes ÉNA coveralls and safety glasses. Additional precautions may be required by the teacher according to the activities under his or her responsibility.

Behaviour in hangars and laboratories
Any student whose behaviour in a laboratory or hangar presents a risk for himself of for other people present could, after a warning from his teacher, be suspended from the laboratory until his case has been reviewed by the teacher and the department coordinator.

For the management of dangerous products, consult the Collecto website.