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Presentation Standards for Written Work

Students must respect the Presentation Standards for Written Work adopted by the College. The key points from the document on presentation standards for the College are explained below. The original version of this document in French is available at the library, on the cegep Internet site www.cegepmontpetit.ca/bibli under the heading Aide (Help) and can be purchased at the Coop. Unless otherwise indicated in the course outline, all written work must conform to these norms as is stipulated in Article 5.3.2 of the Institutional Policy on the Evaluation of Student Achievement (IPESA).

Extract from the « Normes de présentation matérielle des travaux écrits »

Presentation Standards for Written Work

1.1.2 Linguistic correction

The student must present his work in correct language which respects spelling, vocabulary, grammar, syntax and typographical codes. He should therefore check his work carefully and use the resources available:

    • Reference sources at the library or the Centre d’aide en Anglais (Language Help Center: E-0012 in Longueuil, ext.7278 or at ÉNA D-116).
    • the English teachers in C-163B and C-163C.

1.2 Layout

A careful formatting of an assignment is as essential to the presentation of an assignment as its clarity and comprehension. Uniformity is in order.

1.2.1 The text must be printed on unlined, white paper of uniform size (22 x 28 cm). The text can be printed recto verso or on one side only. The text can be hand-written, but the handwriting must be clear and legible.

The sheets must be stapled together in the top left corner.

1.1.2 Characters

The preparation of texts on the computer offers many possibilities for the layout. However, the text should be composed of straight letters of the same font that are no smaller than 12 points.

Any exaggerated use of different fonts will only complicate the visual presentation of the printed sheet and create ambiguities. The rule should be “clear and simple.”

1.2.3 Margins

Margins should be wide enough to allow the corrector to write comments. There must be a 3-centimeter margin on the top and bottom of the page as well as both sides. There should be no text or anything else written outside these margins.

1.24 Line spacing

Texts must have line spacing of 1.5 or according to the teacher’s directives. Single spacing is reserved for footnotes, references at the bottom of the page or below tables and charts, for titles of more than one line.

Double spacing is always used to separate titles from sub-titles, titles from paragraphs, sub-titles from paragraphs, paragraphs from sub-titles and, finally, paragraphs from each other.

Please note that the College uses the American Psychological Association standards for bibliography. You can find further information on this method at the following address: library.concordia.ca/help/citing/apa.php