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Job Placement

Job Placement

Did you know ÉNA has a student placement service to help transition graduating students onto the job market and help students find part time work during the school year or summer period? The service also provides advice and information. Check it out!

This service’s purpose is to:

  • Facilitate job market integration for graduating students from technical programs
  • Help all ÉNA students find summer jobs or part time work during the school year
  • Provide advice and information about job placement (resumes, interviews, etc.)

Two categories are available:

  • Part time work and seasonal job offers for all students currently enrolled at ÉNA
  • Full time jobsreserved for graduating students or graduates who hold a technical degree

This service has been provided since fall 2007. Recent graduates can benefit from this service. Graduates from before 2007 can check the job offers by providing their student identification number and their date of birth via the link.

Information :