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Schedule recovery

To retrieve your class schedule for each of your sessions, you must go to Omnivox during a specified period and select the Online Schedule module. It will be available approximately 5 working days before the start of the session.

The specific period to retrieve your schedule will be displayed in the activity calendar.

Recovery can be done through any computer or mobile device connected to the Internet.

Your schedule may not be available. If so, follow the instructions in the message that will appear on the screen.

Please note that it is mandatory to recover your schedule during the scheduled period. Any schedule not recovered after this period will be destroyed and will result in the cancellation of your registration at Cégep.

Schedule modification

Two possibilities for changing the schedule are available:

Move a course
Remove a course

1. Move a course

The movement of courses is done exclusively online on Omnivox.
This module is available from the day after the start date of the retrieval of schedules until the day before the start of the session. To access it, you must have recovered your schedule.

From the courses included in your current configuration, this module offers you new configurations taking into account the time slots and places available in groups.

New schedule configurations are displayed only if there are places available;
If no configuration is available, it means that the courses are full;
In some technical programs, only general education courses can be moved.
A fee of $ 30 will be charged to your statement each time you confirm a new schedule configuration.

If you are using the Omnivox mobile application, a notification service can notify you when new schedule configurations are available.

2. Remove a course

It is possible to request the withdrawal of one or more courses by completing the Formulaire d’annulation Form. Consult the procedure on the course or session cancellation page.

It is recommended that you make an appointment with your API to discuss the effects of withdrawing from courses on your path.

Students at the end of the program

To add a course when you are at the end of the program, you must make an appointment with your individual teaching assistant (API) through the Prise de rendez-vous avec API module, under My Omnivox services.

Adding courses is only possible if there is a place available in the course.

Out of the country during the period to access schedule?

You can make arrangements with the registrar’s office by contacting ena.api@cegepmontpetit.ca.

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