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Fees and Charges

For each regular session, you must pay a total of 209,50 $ (subject to change) at the moment you register, for the following purposes:

  • Registration fee : 20 $
  • College Students Federation of Quebec membership fee : 5 $
  • Auxiliary Services Fee : 125 $
  • Student fees : 22,50 $
  • Related fees : 25 $
  • Voluntary contribution to the Fondation: 12 $

If you are a part time student, the fees are calculated like this :

  • Tuition : 2 $ per hours
  • Registration fee : 5 $ per courses
  • Auxiliary Services Fee : 10 $
  • Student fees : 22,50 $
  • College Students Federation of Quebec membership fee  : 2,50 $
  • Related fees  : 6 $ per courses
  • Voluntary contribution to the Fondation : 12 $

Payment Terms

Online payment through your financial institution is the preferred method of payment to pay the balance of an invoice. Payment by post (check or money order) is always accepted.

For all the details of payment terms and to find out about the list of eligible financial institutions or accepted payment methods, visit the page How to pay an invoice issued by Cégep Édouard-Montpetit, in French.

Please note that the Omnivox “Centre de paiement ” module is no longer in operation at Édouard-Montpetit and that it has been replaced by the “Financial File” module which allows you to view all of your invoices issued by your educational institution and thus have a complete portrait. Note, however, that once paid, invoices are no longer accessible.

To continue paying a Cégep bill online:
You can now do this directly on your financial institution’s website, using the same method used, for example, for paying utility bills.

You can also consult the French student guide Ma réussite à l’ÉNA for more details.

Refund Policy

Certain fees are refundable under certain conditions.

For futher details regarding these conditions, refer to Règlement sur les droits chargés aux étudiants.

International Students or Non-Residents of Quebec

These students must pay the tuition fees determined by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology.