Logo Student Guide

Workwear and Calculator

Clothing worn by students in laboratories and hangars must bear the ÉNA logo. Hoodies with drawstrings are not allowed because they pose a safety risk to equipment or machinery. ÉNA clothing is sold in the ÉNA shop (room C-163-A).

Work trousers or jeans in good condition and without decorations (nails, metal parts, etc.) are permitted.

Personal protective clothing and equipment must be worn for certain activities in laboratories, workshops and hangars. These items must also be purchased by students. They are on sale in the Coop de l’ÉNA (room C-63-A), but some can also be bought in other specialized stores.

See the Health and Safety page and the Directive sur les règles de sécurité en laboratoire, atelier et hangar (Directive on safety rules for laboratories, workshops and hangars) for more information.

The only approved calculator is the SHARP EL 531.