In order to use the printers at ÉNA, you must first pay for printing credits either at the bookstore cooperative or online via your Omnivox portal. To pay for credits online, click the link for print credits (Crédits d’impression) in the left column under the tab for your Omnivox services (Mes Services Omnivox). This link also allows you to check the balance and history of your purchases and prints.


Printing Costs:

  • $ 0,07 Black, one-sided
  • $ 0,0525 Black, two-sided, per side
  • $ 0,40 Colour, one-sided
  • $ 0,30 Colour, two –sided, per side


Note that your print credits remain available in your account for the duration of your studies at the Cégep.

Some teachers may ask you to print documents as part of the course requirements. You must therefore be sure to have sufficient print credits during the session to use as needed.