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Student Jobs at the Cégep

Rules for hiring at Cégep or ÉNA
In order to promote academic success, the Cégep requires that committed students be registered full-time or considered as such. In addition, to be eligible for a job at the Cégep, students who are not in their first semester at ÉNA must have been registered full-time in the previous semester and not have had more than one failure in the during this session. A student may work for the Cégep up to a maximum of 15 hours per week during the course weeks scheduled in the school calendar. It is the responsibility of the student to count his hours of employment at the Cégep. The week runs from Sunday to Saturday. You must contact the various departments to find out about employment opportunities and present your report card and schedule, if applicable.

Consult the student guide in French Ma réussite à l’ÉNA for more details.

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