Schooling Attendance Confirmation



The period to confirm your schooling attendance
is from February 15th to March 1st, 4 pm


How to confirm your schooling attendance?

It is mandatory that you confirm your schooling attendance (choosing attending or not attending) for a course that you are registered too.  To do so, you must go on Omnivox portal and choose “Fréquentation scolaire” (schooling attendance) module during the mentioned period above.

What are the consequences of not confirming my schooling attendance?

Your student status may be modified.  In order to maintain a full time student status, you must have at least 4 courses or have 180 hours per semester.  If you are attending a class but decide to choose the option « je ne fréquentais plus ce cours » (not attending), you could become a part time student.  In this cas, the school will charge you the different fees of a part time student and will advise the loan officer.

Does choosing the “not attending” status for a course means I am cancelling my course?

It is important to understand that choosing a “not attending” status for a course in the schooling attendance module is not a way of cancelling a course.  If you decide to do so, you will then have in your transcript the cumulative grade of your semester for that course.  For more information on how to cancel a course, please read the page Cancelling Course or a Semester.