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Peer Tutoring

Are you having difficulties in specific school subjects and could use a little help? Enroll in our peer tutoring program for one-on-one sessions! You will be paired with another student who already passed the class you’re having trouble with. The tutor can give you additional explanations, answer your questions and help you improve your learning methods. It’s free, so go for it!

Stop by local C-163a to book an appointment and get information.

Note that when facing academic difficulties, the best place to start is always your teacher.  Peer tutoring is an additional tool you can use along the other services supporting student success that are offered by the Help center of ÉNA.

Generally, peer tutoring is offered from the 4th to the 11th week of the semester and priority is given to students who are repeating a class they failed or students with grades below 75%.

Become a tutor

By becoming involved in the peer tutoring service, you could share your knowledge with other students having a tough time in specific subjects and help them succeed.

You will be paired with a student who could use a little help in a class you already passed. Your role will be to provide the student with additional explanations, answer their questions and help them improve their learning methods.

It’s a small gesture that means a lot!

Information :

  • Élisabeth Mercier
  • Room : C-163a
  • Phone : 450 678-3561, ext. 4306

Email : elisabeth.mercier@cegepmontpetit.ca

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