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AME and AML Licences

Aircraft Maintenance Technician Engineer (AME)

Do you want to have responsibility and opportunities for advancement in your future career? Be aware that training in aircraft maintenance and avionics are recognized by Transport Canada and provide access to becoming licensed. This license, sought by many companies, increases your opportunities for employment, advancement as well as your salary level. Being certified will allow you to be able to certify that an aircraft and/or equipment are airworthy.

Students with good academic results and who are rarely absent can significantly reduce the length of time needed in terms of experience in order to qualify for the license.

For more details, visit this page : Privilèges accordés par Transports Canada (Avionique et Maintenance d’aéronefs).



European Aircraft Maintenance License (AML)


ÉNA provides aircraft maintenance and avionics students with the opportunity to take the Part 66 exams of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) in order to obtain a European license in aircraft maintenance in collaboration with Wallonie Aerotraining Network (WAN). For more details, visit this page.